Grasshopper Python script?

Hello all,

I just want to write a piece of script to post-process the output from the ladybug/honeybee components. However, I am not really sure how it works and why it behaves differently than the python I know. Anyhow, I just wrote a single line to print the input from the output of another component, and for some reason, the script ran 8767 times for an unknown reason. I mean, I only have one line of code, and why it ran more than once?

Could someone please help me to understand how to write this?



Hi @sz,

you need to select the right access type of inputs (right click on the β€˜x’ and select among item, list, tree to see the difference) Take a look at this small example:

It run many times because you have declared access type β€˜item’ but you are providing a list of values (8767) to x.


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