Grasshopper script causing Rhino to shutdown

Hi All,

I’m hoping some can help troubleshoot an issue that myself and others have had running LB/HB analysis through a remote desktop connection.

Our office are remote working since March, and since that period we have noticed that specific Grasshopper files for LB/HB analysis are causing Rhino to shutdown entirely (without an error message) upon opening. This problem seems to be isolated to running Rhino and GH through a remote desktop connection, as the same files work fine on a local PC. And interestingly, other scripts open and function without problem.

I understand that this is a wider GH/Rhino issue, but has anyone else encountered this issue?

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Hi @jwoodall,
Thanks for reporting. It would help to have some sample files that someone can try. I am using remote desktop as well and have not come across such an issue.
I would also recommend posting on Mcneel forum.
I believe, @wim is the best person to respond to this.

Hi @devang, thanks for getting back to me.
I’ve attached the file which initially raised the issue for me. It is a relatively simple VSC analysis which has been made more user friendly for staff to use. I haven’t internalised any geometry, because I’ve found that Rhino shuts down upon loading the script, even in a blank model.

It would be interesting to hear if you have similar issues.
Best, (565.4 KB)

Hi @jwoodall,
Thanks for the file. It works fine at my end. I believe this to be a Rhino+Gh issue.

Hi -

It sounds like you should be able to repeat the crash without using any LB/HB components.

At any rate, I’m not sure if @devang tested this with remote desktop but, generally, when Rhino shuts down like that, it’s most likely that there’s an issue with the display drivers. In a remote desktop set-up, I suppose that that might be more complex. I would definitely check if the display drivers on all computers are up-to-date.

If your drivers are updated and you can reduce the Grasshopper definition to something that doesn’t involve LB/HB components, please post on the McNeel forum.

@wim, I checked with remote desktop. Thanks for responding.

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