Green facade effect not evident

Hi there,

New user of Dragonfly / Envi-met over here.

Trying to develop a simple case model where I want to quantify the effect of green facade over the surrounding microclimate in terms of air temperature and CO2 concentration.

I have developed two models of the same building; one model where it has a green facade and one where it doesn’t.

When checking the results I see the same air temperature surrounding the buildings.

Also, another issue is that I can’t access facade results (there seems to be no output for this) in the same way that the example file provided by @AntonelloDiNunzio ( does.

I have attached the developed gh file for reference and the example file for reference. (388.7 KB) (462.6 KB)

Can someone shed some light on this?


did u receive any answer to your question? I have the same issue.