Grizzly Bear Crash

Hi, I’m trying to get geometry from Grasshopper to IES using Grizzly Bear and gbXML.

My problem is that Rhino crashes when I try exporting more than 70-100 Volumes.

File attached with release HB 0.0.59, LB 0.0.62

I’ve tried the last releases except 0.60 since this problem appears.…

Another note is that IES don’t seem to be able to import constructions if the Id is more than 7 char. But I guess that’s an IES problem and not a Grizzly problem.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Or a better way of getting geometry with construction ID to IES.



Grizzly Export 125 (465 KB)

Hi Oscar,

Chris and I discussed the current issues with GB on Friday. We will be replacing this component by a new component that uses OpenStudio libraries. GB hasn’t been modified during the last two years and is not under active development and making periodic fixes will not be a good solution in the long run.It may take us a little bit of time but just wanted let you know that we’re working on this.

It may take us a little bit of time to add the new workflow but I just wanted let you know that we’re working on this.


Sounds good,

Thanks for the heads up!


Turns out the crash is a result of solving adjacency. If I don’t solve adjacencies, then I can export +500 zones with OpenStudio gbXML exporter. I need to have a closer look to find the issue. I attached the file if you want to try it yourself. It will take a couple of minutes to export the zones. (526 KB)

I tested up to 1000 and it works fine again without adjacency. Will keep you posted.