Grizzly Bear: gbXML creation issue

Hi everyone,

I’m facing some issues with the grizzlybear components.

I’m trying to generate a gbXML file with grasshopper. It functions with a simple box but it doesn’t with my custom geometry. I tried both the Honeybee_GrizzlyBear and the OpenStudioToXML without success.

This is how the geometry looks like:

For the Honeybee_Grizzlybear, I get this error:

not logging
0 Surface name: dcbc3df6154942f781b0
Surface number: 903329484fec
This surface is a WALL.

597 Surface name: 9b580fa5fa5b41ec814a_srfP_31
Surface number: 31
This surface is a WALL.
Runtime error (TypeErrorException): ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable
line 671, in makeSpace, “<string>”
line 1692, in script

For the OpenStudioToXML, 1. Solution exception:‘str’ object has no attribute ‘getFacility’

Moreover, I have the impression that the OpenStudio Component is complexifying the initial mesh. How could I prevent Honeybee OpenStudio component from adding more faces to initial model?

You can find attached the gh definition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (555 KB)