GrizzlyBear error

Hi All,

Something strange is happening when I try to export gbXML with GrizzlyBear. With the previous versions of HB+LB this was not happening. I wonder if it’s something I am the only one experiencing.

The GB component gives a waning and an error:

Warning: 1. Failed to find in the Honeybee schedule library.

Error: 1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object is unsubscriptable

Anyone has an idea about these? I attach a test file on a very simple geometry.


Antonio (553 KB)

There have been changes in the new version for how we name the schedule libraries. We can get this fixed by updating the name but I think in the long run we need to change the current path and use OpenStudio API to create a gbxml file. Should be quite easy to add to what we already have in place. Is that going to work for you?

Thank you Mostapha for your reply.

If it is not too much trouble, it would be great! Are there currently other ways to export gbXML from Honeybee?


Hi Mostapha,

Also interested in getting this fixed, if that helps speed things along!



Here is the first shot at this. I attach both the Grasshopper file and the generated gbXML file. If you want shading surfaces to be exported you should install OpenStudio 1.13 or higher. Let me know how does this compare to GrizzlyBear.


test.xml (82.5 KB)

gh definition. (526 KB)

Hi Mostapha - is there a way to know how to update that name for the schedule libraries ? I don’t have openstudio and am not an admin on the computer I use, so I can’t install anything … The Grizzlybear option was great for me so far, any chance to have that back running ?

Thanks a lot !



Check the attached file for a working version but you will need to install OpenStudio for the next release of Honeybee anyways so be ready to migrate to the new one at some point.

Mostapha (473 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks so much for the superquick reply ! Unfortunatly I still get an error message saying ‘Failed to find in the Honeybe schedule library’ … So unsure as to what is happening :frowning:

Thanks again for your help though.



Does it give you a warning or an error? You can just ignore the warning if that is the case. The file should be still written to the drive.