Ground reflection using Ladybug


I am trying to calculate how much solar radiation falls on my model and would also like to include the reflected radiations from the ground. Is there anyway I can do it. I guess not, having had a look at another post which asks the user to instead go with honeybee to achieve that.

Perhaps there is another component which can achieve that?

But I do not want to do daylight analysis at the moment, but would just wan an overall picture to understand what portions of different radiations fall on my model.

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Hey Anurag,
As I remember, you can’t include the reflected radition in the ladybug component.
But why wont you do it in honeybee? The setup is not much different and if you set a low number of bounces for the raytracing the calcultion will be pretty fast.
Anyways the reflected radition is properly a minior component in the total radiation on the surfaces.

Hi, sorry, I was in the previous conversation with Anurag.

I don’t agree about the context reflections being always a minor component , as I had to work with cases that a mirrored building raised the temperatures of the north façade from the building I was working with to meet the southern ones.

However I completely agree with the advice of honey bee and the ray tracing.

Anyway, do you know how to get the solar radiation in terms of Wh/m2 from honeybee without going to the idf?


You can get the radiation using the HB_gridBasedSimulation and setting the simulationType input to 1 (radiation). Pretty straightforward.

This example can serve as a starting point. Is for daylight but just need to change the simulation type and probably the sky type.

If more help needed let me know, but i have the feeling you’ll manage.


Omg you are right, I completely forgot about that. So sorry