Ground zones floor area included in EUI?


I’m using HB legacy to calculate both the EUI of urban form and the outdoor thermal comfort in UTCI. So, I have to include ground zones in E+. I know their energy loads will be zero, but if I’m using the Normalize Data by Floor Area to get the EUI, are the ground zones’ areas included in (affecting) this EUI?


If you are connecting the ground zone to the _HBZones input of the Normalize Data by Floor Area component, then, yes, the floor area of the ground zone is included in the EUI. Just remove the ground zone from this list to compute EUI with the zones you want.

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Thanks Chris. I’ve also come to another solution which is setting the HBZones to unconditioned before they go into the HBGround component. Now they are excluded from the E+ output data. Correct me if I’m wrong.