GSHP. vs. ASHP in ladybug honeybee


I just recently started doing an energy model for a residential building in my office and I had hard time finding the input for ASHP (air source heat pump) and GSHP (grand source heat pump) in the Honeybee_HVACSystemsList component. Anybody can help? It does have PTHP or even WSHP, but no word about ASHP or GSHP.


Just look through the Dropdowns. There are plenty of templates available with central ASHP like this one:

There are also VRF/Split systems, which are probably closer to what people mean when they say “ASHP” in residential buildings:

Thank you Chris, very helpful!
Any thoughts how can I have something in that component that can best represent GSHP (ground source heat pump)?

Those same exact components have GSHP options.

I am really impressed with the information you provide in your post.

Hi @chris
Thanks so much for the information. It was super helpful. :pray: