HackSimBuild - September 16-17th in Chicago

For anyone attending the 2022 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild or are around Chicago! Interested in building better building simulation tools? Have you ever thought “there has to be a different/better way to do this”?

IBPSA-USA is organizing a Hackathon event in Chicago from September 16-17 that will take place after the conference. Participants are invited to network and form teams to address challenges like these:

  • Create a new metric we should use in building design including why it is important and how to calculate it
  • Demonstrate a building science concept to someone without an architecture, engineering, or construction background
  • Diagnose a cause of the performance gap between a building energy model and a real building
  • Make quality of life improvement in the practice of building performance simulation.

We welcome people of all skill levels to come join this event for a chance to meet industry leaders, software developers, and seasoned practitioners.

Visit the registration page for more details:


Hi Kentakahas,
Is there a way we could participate remotely in HackSimBuild?

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Hi @Surabhi,

We are considering remote participation on an individual basis. Please send us an email at hackathon@ibpsa.us for more details.



@kentakahas this might be a silly question but I’ve never been to a hackathon before. Is the hackathon a 24-hour event, as in people don’t sleep and stay awake the whole time?

I ask because I really want to participate but have newborn twins that are already sucking a lot of sleep out of me at the moment.

The event itself goes on for 24 hours but we definitely encourage people to take time off and get some sleep. You are also welcome to email us at hackathon@ibpsa for a remote particiaption code, though we do strongly suggest attending in-person if possible for the full experience.

One update, we are now opening up the event for virtual attendees!

Check out the event page for updated information on the schedule and the judges.