Has anyone did a simulation of electrochromic winwdow based 1.5.0 version?

Electrochromic glass has four tinting states as shown in the table 4. The glass can be switched automatically under different illumination threshold conditions. S1(0-100lux);S2(101-300lux);S3(301-500lux);S4(>500lux). I think that the following batteries as shown in the picture can be used to simulate electrochromic glass in different states, but I don’t know exactly how to set it up. Though some cases are available on the forum, but most are older and the batteries are quiet different from the current versions. I hope Chris can help me.

I am also facing the same problem, in particular with new version

What type of simulation are you trying to run and what metric do you want to calculate for your electrochromic windows? Depending on that, there are a few different answers and different components that you’ll use. The components in your screenshot include both Radiance components and Energy simulation components.

In my case, based on radiance simulation!
I want to use control strategy either by radiance or surface temperature to be changed from state to state…

Is this version 1.5 capable to do this kind of simulation?
If there is way we are looking for any example.

Thx Chris