Has anyone tried curved geometery with Dragonfly/Envi-met?

Hello everyone,

I’m experimenting with Envi-met (the academic version) for some outdoor thermal comfort calculations and was wondering if anyone had success exporting smooth curved buildings from Rhino to Envi-met using DragonFly.

Hi @RaniaLabib Envi-met can not support curved geometery.So Dragonfly will convert curved geometry to grid-based volume geometry.

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@minggangyin thanks for your reply! I haven’t tried myself yet, but I wanted to check if anyone has done it before.

@RaniaLabib Also make sure both Dragonfly and ENVI-met have the same spatial resolution as you might have some inaccuracies while exporting even rectangular geometries.

@YASSER_IBRAHIM I haven’t tried the DF/Envimet workflow yet. But thanks for letting me know about the spatial resolution. This definitely helps!