Has Midpane Blind In Honeybee and dynamic control been addressed?



I have read the discuss in this forum (http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/ladybug/forum/topics/midpane-blind-in-honeybee-grasshopper). I want to know if this problem has been solve . I have no idea to do this issue.


The link is for an energy simulation but you have tagged this question for daylight. Are you trying to use a blind for energy simulation or daylight simulation?


Hi Mastapha,

Thank for you responding to me . I want to control the exact blind’s angle for every hour to do the daylight simulation .And my blind’s angle has 10 stages which is 0°、10°、20°…90° .But I do not know how to use honeybee to solve this issue . Could this tool can address my question? I have some ideas to solve this problem but I have no idea if these ideas are right . I think I can use .csv file that contains the angle for 8760hangle.csv (31.8 KB) or I can simulate for every angle then using the python to deal with the 10 different results which I think is troublesome.
Please give me a clear road.


And the blind is in the middle of the glass .


.There is a component named DynamicBlindState.I have a idea if I can let the angle.csv file link to the logic.I would appreciate it if you tell me how I can solve my issue. Thank you