Has Midpane Blind In Honeybee and dynamic control been addressed?

I have read the discuss in this forum (http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/ladybug/forum/topics/midpane-blind-in-honeybee-grasshopper). I want to know if this problem has been solve . I have no idea to do this issue.

The link is for an energy simulation but you have tagged this question for daylight. Are you trying to use a blind for energy simulation or daylight simulation?

Hi Mastapha,

Thank for you responding to me . I want to control the exact blind’s angle for every hour to do the daylight simulation .And my blind’s angle has 10 stages which is 0°、10°、20°…90° .But I do not know how to use honeybee to solve this issue . Could this tool can address my question? I have some ideas to solve this problem but I have no idea if these ideas are right . I think I can use .csv file that contains the angle for 8760hangle.csv (31.8 KB) or I can simulate for every angle then using the python to deal with the 10 different results which I think is troublesome.
Please give me a clear road.

And the blind is in the middle of the glass .

.There is a component named DynamicBlindState.I have a idea if I can let the angle.csv file link to the logic.I would appreciate it if you tell me how I can solve my issue. Thank you

@kawaes ,

This issue should be tagged under honeybee[+] and not honeybee. The components that you have there are all HB[+] ones. You can do this a few ways in HB[+] and probably the easiest one is to export BSDFs of windows with different blind angles (at each increment that you want to model there). Then, you can use the 3-phase recipe and assign each blind angle BSDF as a different state to the window group. This won’t do a very accurate job modeling the direct portion of the sun as it comes through the blinds and the corresponding potential for glare as one gets “stripes” of direct sun and shade. However, it will allow you to dynamically adjust blind angles to hit an average target illuminance at a given sensor location.

In any case, this issue is far from the energy simulation question that we originally though this was so I am un-assigning myself from it.

Hi chris

Thank you for your responding to me .I have created my own xml file from WINDOW . But according to what you said ,I have another question about if H+ can model the annul Daylighting Glare Probability(DGP) .

I will appreciate your help .