Have questions for unit change problem

I’m using the radiantion analysis for ladybug. But the radiation legend use the unit: KWH/M2.

I’m trying to change it to BTU/FT2. However the legend appears not correct… The numbers it come out are different from the numbers I got from the web…

The attach picture shows the translated numbers which should not be right…

Hi Xinyi, Is it a question about the accuracy of the conversion or radiation legend? Can you make your question clear and also tell us what are you exactly trying to do?

I’m sorry about that. Yes, it’s about the accuracy of the conversion. and I’m wondering how ladybug recognize the numbers as WH or KWH? Since I didn’t put a ladybug header, which it required, into the first panel.

Thanks a lot.

Xinyi Wu,

This is an issue with the way that I coded these components to recognize the various different types of energy/flux values (Wh, kWh, Wh/m2, or kWh/m2).

Because the units that you were plugging in were all lower-case, the component was not recognizing that you were trying to convert values of flux (kWh/m2) instead of just energy (kWh).

I just wrote in a more robust means of identifying your units so it should now work in your case (see components attached and on the github).

Thanks for pointing this out,


FixedConverterComponents.gh (351 KB)


Thanks! That’s very helpful.

I would try to plug that into the grasshopper.