Having a period "." in file path

I’m running an energy plus simulation and wanted to set a folder to save my results in with the _ workingDir input. My username at my office has a “.” in it (dennis.goff). I noticed that the function lb_preparation.removeBlankLight which happens within the energy plus component swaps out “.” for “_”. Is this necessary? Can energy plus not recognize paths with periods in them? On a side note, this created a new folder in my C:\Users\ folder that I can’t delete without admin privileges :frowning: I guess what I’ll do for now is keep all my folders in the C:\ladgybug folder, but would like to know the reason for the swap. Thanks!

This is a bug on our side and how we clean up the file path. Is it possible that for now you just set the folder path manually to a folder which is not under your username? I’m trying to minimize the changes for the legacy plugins at this point but if it is a major issue we can think about fixing it for you. :slight_smile:

cc: @chris

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Yea no problem, this was more of a curiosity post than an actual issue. I just made a subfolder within the “C:\Ladybug” folder which worked fine. Thanks!

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