Having trouble with Openstudio and custom set point schedules


I am trying to create very simple custom schedules for heating and cooling setpoints to use with OpenStudio, but the results I get for heating and cooling consumption are far too low. Is there a problem with OpenStudio reading custom set point schedules, or have I done something wrong? The .gh file is attached

Testing setpoint schedule.gh (576 KB)


Did you run the same analysis with EnergyPlus and received different results? I haven’t checked your file yet but I wanted to know what is your point of reference.



You were using an older version of the annual schedule component and a lot has been updated with this component since August. Once you sync your components with the github, your setpoints work fine:

Also, if you are interested in having a constant setpoint, you can do this much more easily by inputting a single value into the “Set Zone Thresholds” component instead of making a whole schedule as you have done in this file. The zone thresholds component was a lot more stable in the last release. Finally, the CSV schedule component is another method for “setting points” that has been stable for a long time.


Testingsetpointschedule_CWM.gh (588 KB)