HB 1.2.0 UDI_low and UDI_up not outputting any results

Hi everyone,

I think this is a fairly simple question but for some reason, the new annual daylight recipe for HB 1.2.0 is not giving me any outputs for both UDI_low and UDI_up.

I get results for DA, cDA, and UDI but for some reason UDI_low and up seem to be excluded from the simulation results.

Is this a bug or any tips to fix this issue?

Daylight.gh (575.9 KB)

Thanks for letting us know, @Leite . This is a bug. I’ll push a fix to the development version of the plugin soon. In the meantime, you can always use the “HB Annual Daylight Metrics” component to get the upper and lower UDI.

I merged a fix into the codebase:

It should be in the development version of the plugin in an hour or so such that you can get it with the “LB Versioner”.

“HB Annual Daylight Metrics” component doesn’t have the output of upper and lower UDI.

Good point. I just added lower and upper UDI to the component:


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Thanks. I hope sDA and “ASE hour” could also be added to it. It would be more convenient. Thanks.