HB [+] : 3 and 5 Phase Recipe Assertion error + LB[+] ribbon error

I am receiving an error when using the 3 and 5 phase recipes in HB [+]. The ANN recipe works, so I am a bit lost.

Furthermore, after updating with the latest HB[+] component, all of the LB[+] components share the same tab as the LB legacy components.

Thank you in advance.

hb_plus_err.gh (410.5 KB)

I have seen other people with these issues and they have allegedly solved their issues with an update. At this point, it seems that the best way to install LB[+] and HB[+] is from github or to use the latest HB[+] (‘MAR_20_2020’ Honeybee Plus Installer).

This component seems to update Honeybee [+] and also add Ladybug [+] to the ladybug legacy ribbon.

here are the component versions I am using.