HB_Add glazing component

Dear everybody,

I am a rookie to HB. I`m trying to use srfs to build a zone by defining types of srfs.

But when it came to decompose by types, the output WINDOW always run null. I don`t know wheather i use create HB srf correctly. And everytime I use AddGlazing component to create window, the output of it always be ‘open brep’ instead of closed brep.

the final goal is to run energy simulation.

There are 2 attched image to show the 2 problems.

And the gh file with internalized data.

Thank you so much!

question.gh (107 KB)

Hi Lei, If you check the warning it tells you what’s wrong with your model. You need to add the window to a wall for energy simulation. Check the attached file.

question_msr.gh (108 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

Thank you for the reply. So it is impossible to add the whole geomertry as the window? There will always be a ‘frame’ like you scripted in the file.

Thanks for you help again!



In E+ the window is “hosted” by a wall. Always there is a need to leave a minimal frame. as you said.


Thank you!