HB and ladybug update is not working

Github is temporarily down! https://twitter.com/githubstatus/status/692532530763960322

I just uploaded the latest version on Food4Rhino if you need the most updated version.

Thank you Mostapha. I have downloaded the latest version and drag it to grasshopper canvas.Now I have two version of HB and ladybug.I also have updated HB and Ladybug objects like below. Even after updating I am not getting any EP simulation IDf file and result file. I have attached my file for your reference. Can you please help me to figure out what is going wrong. Thank you.

6 - Running a Basic Energy Simulation by krk.gh (511 KB)

The components are very old. You need to update the file. Then you’ll need to reinsert al those in red color (you’ll see them after the update).


Thank you Abraham. Its working now.