HB Annual daylight simulation error


I am getting the error below when I try to run the annual daylight simulation. I have seen this topic before however the solutions don’t seem to work in my case.

Has anyone come across this error?

Thanks in advance for the help.

I’m also getting errors with annual recipes. Point in time is working fine but rfluxmtx is causing the issues.
Using version 1.5.1, have tried uninstall, reinstall, versioner update etc all to no avail. It appears to be a problem with the tmp file access / EOF error?

Have previously had this working on my personal machine, and this exact file works on my work machine.

I’ve also tried to run the recipes outside of rhino, same issues - so it must be an issue with the tmp file access generally (i.e. not through rhino)

Attached grasshopper files and logs

On my personal machine…

On the work machine…

Help would be very much appreciated.