HB Annual DLA. Aperture can only be added to Faces with a Outdoor boundary condition

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to model Annual daylight simulation in HB from this video: Annual Daylight Analysis with Honeybee v1.1.0 in Grasshopper (Basic) - YouTube

But sadly encountered this problem below:

  1. Solution exception:Aperture can only be added to Faces with a Outdoor boundary condition.

I can’t figure out what is wrong or how to change faces with outdoor boundary. Thanks in advance.

maybe u make holes behind window surfaces ?

It’s better to upload ur .gh files.

In this type of workflow where you are trying to assign Apertures to a parent Face, you should not punch holes in the Face. Punching holes should only be done in workflows where everything is “flat” and you aren’t assigning Apertures to parent Faces.

I think the error is pretty clear. Make sure that the _bc_ of the parent Faces have an Outdoor boundary condition. Or make sure that you don’t solve adjacency until after you have assigned all of your windows.