HB Annual Simulation Problems

Hello every one,

I run in to a problem while doing a DLA analysis. First of all let me explain the project. We’ve created an artificial topography with 2 courtyards that brings daylight to a library organized around the courtyards.

Because the geometry it’s a bit complex I did not used the HB Masses to Zones component. I’ve also give the surfaces and massing a singular white opaque material as I only care for the window (glass material). I just want to calculate the DLA index on the surfaces of the library that it’s organized around the courtyards.

So any help would be much appreciate. We are at stage that we need to understand the daylight amount in the library as it’s a very important area of the project

Attached you’ll find the weather file, rhino and gh file

Thank you all in advance

CAN_PQ_Montreal.Jean.Brebeuf.716278_CWEC.epw (1.52 MB)
Esquisse_05_Env_Analysis.3dm (518 KB)
esquisse-05_DL.gh (139 KB)


I’ve noticed that my sloping SRF (topography) has geometry blocking the light from the test surfaces. I just deleted (rhino file updated and attached). I also used one of the courtyard srf for a DLA analysis (image 01) that returns the correct values. As soon as I explode the library geometry and use one of its surfaces instead as a test Srf. I get errors (image 02). Hmmmm!

I even created a separate surface floating on top of the roofs and run the DLA analysis and I get the same error (can’t find the results from the study - RunDaylightSimulation component) and (length of the results is not equal to the number of meshes from the - ReColorMesh component_)

OK I’ m lost

Esquisse_05_Env_Analysis-02.3dm (530 KB)


First problem found, the glazing material has 0 transmittance…

Last update, Problem solved

The Grid Size for the test Surface wasn’t small enough.


Still not able to group all the test srfs into one simple flatten list in order to plug them all on the create grid component. Otherwise it works but I have to go surface by surface and then bake.

Hi Claudio, What do you mean by grouping surfaces? You can connect multiple surfaces to genTestPts component and it should work fine.

Dear Mostapha,

Thank you again for your time. Well my problem is not the genTestPts component its the recolor mesh component from LB. It does not recognize the amount of mesh faces v/s the results lenght. Other wise the runday analysis component returns the correct values.

Either try to flatten and join all the meshes and input the joined mesh, or remove flatten from _analysisResult input. Either one should solve your problem.

HI Mostapha

It does work. I removed the flatten from analysis results input - mesh and also LegenPar (but no required) and it works. Something boaders me tough is that the legend repeat It self, but I can deal with it.


Hi Claudio,

If you want to only see one legend then you need to join all the meshes into a single joined mesh and flatten result inputs, otherwise component takes them as 3 different input lists and that’s why you get 3 legends.