HB Automatic Aperture Group not picking up apertures

Modeling for using new LEED Option 1 pollination recipe, I see in the tutorial video it is used in conjunction with HB Automatic Aperture Group 1.6.1 component.

However this new component is not recognizing the apertures I placed in the script, is this an known issue?

Many thanks.


I see that the error message can be a bit misleading. You clearly have apertures in the model, however, it only works for apertures with a parent room. To use this component you would have to create the model by rooms (and apertures hosted by the rooms).

Regarding the HB Automatic Aperture Group 1.6.2 component, I get an error message when I place it on campus.:1. Solution exception:invalid syntax
I get an error message when I connect it to the LEED Option 1 flow,
Do you know the cause of the error?

Hi @inage,

Can you try to update your core libraries by using LB Versioner? After that, close Rhino/Grasshopper and open the file again.

Thank you @mikkel.
I updated to the latest using LV versioner and it fixed it.
Thank you very much.

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