HB Blind Component Bugs

Hi Burin, Thanks for finding the bugs and I am sorry for responding so late.

  1. This was an easy fix and you can get a working version of the zone shades component (one that writes the diffuse transmittance) by syncing with the github.

  2. I am not able to replicate the problem on my machine. I get vertical blinds on my zones when I set the horOrVertical to False:

Can you upload you GH file and I can see what is wrong with your specific case?


Hi Chris -

I appreciate your looking into this. The GH file is attached.

12_Blinds.gh (464 KB)


Thanks for posting the file. I was able to fix the bug. It seems that it resulted from some code that Mostapha put in the North angle function, which I will admit I do not fully understand but it seemed unnecessary so I took it out.

You can find the fixed component on the github and in the attached file.


12_BlindsFIXED.gh (465 KB)