HB can't find results file produced by the openstudio component

I ran some energy simulations for a building using both the EP and Openstudio components, both simulations seem to run fine, both took the same time (about 3 minutes). I can visualize the results coming out of the EP simulations. However, when I used Openstudio, there was no results file produced. HB seems to look for a file named in.csv, I don’t have this file. I looked in the project file and I found two csv files; inTable.csv and inZsz.csv. Any idea???

Hard to say without the GH file @RaniaLabib, but i suggest that, in case you are running both options, give different file names and/or working directories.
Can be that the results of one are overwritten by the other …

@AbrahamYezioro I’m giving both simulations different project names, so the results don’t get overwritten with the new one. Also, attached is the project. The run simulation toggles are grouped and highlighted by a reL_Shaped_Energy_Model_Rev_17.gh (934.0 KB)
d colored circle

I see. The result file is indeed missing also here.
Other files are there but the in.csv is not. I suppose there is a bug. I would report in the github.

Thans for reporting the bug!

For some reason, ReadVarsEso is not being run correctly to generate the final result csv. Let me investigate.

It seems that the .eso file isn’t being written by E+ for your model for some reason. This file is needed in order to generate the csv. Let me keep looking. If the .eso file isn’t being written, this may be an issue with E+, though.

@RaniaLabib ,
It seems that the error resulted from you requesting all of these outputs from the model. I am able to get it to work correctly after disconnecting and reconnecting the simulationOutputs. I’m still unsure about what is going on here.

Ok I found the error. It was in your Grasshopper file. You accidentally connected up the “report” out of the Simulation Outputs to the OpenStudio component:

Just connect the simulation outputs and everything will work fine.

@chris Wow, I can’t believe I did this, I guess this is what happens when I work for hours/days without enough sleep! I feel bad that you and @AbrahamYezioro wasted some time on investigating this issue. Anyways, thanks for finding the problem, the simulation runs fine now.

Eye of an eagle @chris

@AbrahamYezioro, I think we overlooked the problem due to the fact that simulation ran and some files were produced. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank both of you for helping me out through the last three years on this forum, what a wonderful tool and great developers :smiley:

It’s all good @RaniaLabib . If @AbrahamYezioro and I didn’t find it on the first few tries, then it was not an obvious mistake. I’m just glad this wasn’t a big bug!


@julien, you didn’t explain what is going on, so i’ll try to do it for you.
There is a simulation asking for annual results report. The ESO file (and as a rsult the CSV) is missing from the results folder. Asking for other frequencies yield both files, which is weird. I tested the file and couldn’t find the cause for that. What is more weird is that other example of mine does get all the files.
@chris, do you mind having a look? Maybe your eagle eye will see the reason and place why this is happening.
This is the file: parametric glazing.gh (658.9 KB)

Hi @AbrahamYezioro and @chris!
I put an analysis period and I have also chosen an annual report, maybe the problem can come from that. What do you think about that?

Of course it is!! How i didn’t see that. You can’t ask for an annual report and simulate a selected period less than the whole year.
It runs fine now.
parametric glazing.gh (655.4 KB)

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Can someone verify what I might be doing wrong.
I think i cross checked everything based on all the threads. Not sure what is the issue.
Having same issues as in.csv file not being generated. The error says “The result file does not exist”.
Using - Ladybug 0.0.69, Honeybee 0.0.66 and Openstudio 3.1.0
Thank You

Toshare.gh (932.8 KB)