HB Climatebased Sky Error

Having an issue with the HB Climate Based sky component, im using some custom HOYs via the LB Analysis Period Component but i am getting this error message:

  1. Solution exception:Datetime 21 Jun 12:30 was not found in the Wea.
    tuple.index(x): x not in list

The specified Analysis doesnt even include that Datetime, and i am not sure what the issue is here.

Thank you,


Hey @cflynn29

I think the message is pretty clear. You used the hoys of the analysis period to filter out 21 Jun 12:30 from the Wea but this is the default date/time used by the “Climate Based Sky” component. So just don’t use the Analysis Period and everything should work as expected.

@chris Okay that makes sense, for clarification i was hoping to recrate what Light Stanza and IES do for their annual daylight functionality. They run every point-in-time and then allow the user to just filter to each point or points.

I was hoping that using an analysis period component along with pollination would allow me to do that. Or maybe there’s another way that I am not aware of?

We allow you to do that as well. Just run the Annual Daylight recipe with a full year’s worth of EPW/Wea data. Then you can use the components under the 4::Results section to parse in the data for any point in space or time that you want. Any of the results components that start with “Annual” will help you do this in different ways. See here for a sample Grasshopper file.

@chris I am pretty sure i solved this based on what you recommended (image below) and apologies for just coming back to this now.

In a related issue im trying to do the same thing for the HB Imageless Annual Glare Recipe along with the Radial Glare Study. But because its % when i was looking at 03/12 @ 12pm it comes in as a decimal do i need to convert that to a % and then subtract by 100? Ive also attached that image as well along with the gha script.

annual_daylight_CF.gh (158.9 KB)