HB Color Attributes Error

I’ve been having trouble with the color attributes components, both the color face and color room. Regardless of what attribute is input I can’t seem to get any results out and receive the same error message “‘Colorface’ object has no attribute ‘attributes_original’”

I attempted to use the LB Versioner to see if this would solve the issue, which it didn’t.
I then attempted to revert to an older version (as 1.4.0 had worked for another user) and found I had a new error with the recently updated LB Versioner that "‘Folders’ object has no attribute ‘python_scripts_path’ (both when specifying the version and not specifying the version).
@chris could this be a potential bug? Or is there another solution i can use?

Hey @amynuccio ,

Your components are somehow for the latest development version of the LBT plugin but your core libraries are old and likely from the last stable LBT release. Make sure you are pulling components from your toolbar (or using the LB Sync Grasshopper File component).

If neither of those fixes this for you, then you should just uninstall and then reinstall.

@chris -

I’m having the same error with the HB Color Room Attributes component. I pulled 1.4.0 component and it works but 1.5.0 is throwing an error. Most recent installation of LBT components was from Rhino Pollination Plugin earlier this week.


“1. Solution exception:‘ColorRoom’ object has no attribute ‘attributes_original’”

Hey @victorbrac ,

Your LBT core libraries are for an older version that is incompatible with the 1.5 components. Make sure you have run the LB Versioner and restart Rhino/Grasshopper.