HB Color Rooms not showing solar gain data

I am struggling with the HB Color Rooms component. It does show simulation output such as People Gains, or infiltration load, but not solar gains.
This is done plugging a HB Read Room Energy Result to simulation output in sql format (eplusout.sql) as usual.

I have been wondering whether this could have depended on room names not matching (assigned room names at the HB Model creation stage then get unique alphanumeric codes appended by LBT), but that would not explain why certain variables do plot while others do not.

Has anyone experienced this or would know how to get around it? The GH definition is fairly complex (I run all sort of environmental studies with one big gh definition), so would avoid having to clean it to share it unless necessary.


Hi @andrea.botti,

I believe this is likely due to E+ calculating solar gain for enclosures, and not individual rooms. This thread might have the answers you need.

Hi @charlie.brooker ,
Firstly, thanks for your quick reply - you’re one of the most helpful people on this forum!! :slight_smile:

Secondly, I am aware that results are calculated for enclosures and not individual rooms. However my model has no thermal adjacency (I had to skip the Intersect Solid component that was otherwise corrupting the geometry translation) and most importantly no airwalls.

So effectively every room IS a solar enclosure. This is confirmed by the fact that when I report solar gains as output - i.e. via standard heatmap charts - these are produced for all individual rooms .

Hey @andrea.botti,

Happy to help :slight_smile:

I just had a quick look at the code and I think this is a bug. Everything in the ColorRooms component is set up to be able to take solar gain as an input, whether each room is a solar enclosure or not (if not it splits the solar gain across rooms based on aperture area), but it’s not quite working as it looks like it’s intended.

I’ve tried to get to the bottom of the issue, but struggling to work out the exact fix - I’m sure @chris will be able to quickly spot what’s going wrong and resolve it.

Sorry I couldn’t get to the bottom of it!

the problem is all here:

While in the other variables it reads the name room_XXX, to do solar gain it uses the variable zone_windows total transmitted solar radiation energy and binds it to room_XXX_SPACE… this causes it to stop reading it to you…

quickly you can solve it this way for just the solar gain variable:


Seee you soon

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I tried the opposite approach of removing the _SPACE from the LB Data input into ColorRooms and didn’t have any luck - I must’ve made a mistake!

Hi @andrea.botti and @MassimilianoBusnelli ,

The development version of the plugin already has a fix for you, which I added a couple of months ago:

Just use the LB Versioner to update your “HB Color Rooms” component to version 1.6.1 or above and it will work:

Thank you very much @chris , I had missed the update!