HB Color Rooms visualization with HVAC

Hi @chris
I´ve been trying to visualize HB color rooms in the example you uploaded. I can only see the results as ideal loads. Could you please explain me why?
Thanks in advance.
shoe_box_energy_model_HB_color_room.gh (77.3 KB)


Let’s say you’re conditioning an office building with a VAV with gas boiler reheat system. The output cooling energy from your simulation is referring to the electric energy used by the chiller to control a “main” supply cooling coil, and the output heating energy refers to the natural gas energy used to control a “main” supply heating coil, and zone-specific terminal heating coils. Both the “main” supply heating and cooling coils typically supply energy for multiple thermal zones (or HB Rooms), and thus are not linked back to individual rooms (both conceptually, and computationally, the HVAC system can use a different timestep than the zone).

So, EnergyPlus categorizes them as a “System” outputs, rather then the “Zone” output. The latter is required by the HB Color Rooms component, which is why assigning a HVAC system result gives you an error. There are ways around this, for example, assigning an HVAC system per room and overriding the “System” type, or requesting zone-specific HVAC equipment or breakdowns, but it requires a bit more customization from the user.

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Thanks a lot for your clear explanation @SaeranVasanthakumar !
I´ve even tried with a window A/C in a single room and it didn´t work so I was confused about the visualization.