Hi all,
I´ve got an issue that never happened before. The legend shows a different result from the EP outputs. For instance, cooling demand is 18.06 kWh/m2.year but the legends shows 54.19 kWh/m2.year. It happens the same with the other outputs. The room has 2 closed air chambers, one below the floor and the other one, above the ceiling.
Any solution? Thanks in advance.
classroom.gh (816.2 KB)

Your components are very old (from 2018) and it’s probably an issue with the floor area normalization process. At a minimum, you should update your legacy components but I would strongly recommend using the new LBT plugin instead of Legacy.

Got it! Thanks a lot. As I teaches Lb- hb as a graduate course I thought to go on without changes because the students had already ínstalled legacy but I’ll follow your advice.