HB:Custom EP Construction can not be recognised

Hello, all, I had an error when I try to use the Customed EP construction which had been written to the construction library. It said “layer_1 is not a valid material name/definition.Create the material first and try again”. I checked the relevant topic, I updated my components and try again, it still did not work. It might be a very basic problem, but I do not know how to solve it .Could anyone help me to fix it ?
Many thanks.

custome constructions.gh (539.3 KB)

Have you created the M-concrete wall as an EnergyPlus material first?

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See image below.
As Mostapha implied, you don’t have a M-concrete wall material but a M-concrete wall construction!!


Thank you so much. I made a so basic mistake and though the material would be added to the library with the construction together.~~~

Many thanks for your help. I thought the material and the construction would be added to the library together~ I got it now~