HB custom output problem

Hello. I hope you are doing well. I have a problem with HB custom results. I am trying to get some output base on the energy plus outputs with HB custom output component however, it does not show me something defined. For example, I tried to get fan coil heating rate result but at the end it only showed electric fan energy consumption.

also, I am a beginner in HVAC design plane with ironbug, If there is a pdf guide book could you please share it with me?

I uploaded my gh file. I will be grateful if you check my file. thanks

@Yasaman_jenab ,

Your file has too much extraneous content to be helpful but here’s how to properly request outputs from the simulation:

request_ep_oputput.gh (54.8 KB)

Thank you so much for your attention @chris Sorry, I have one more problem. I tried to make a schedule for HVAC system only for the heating season but the output of ‘Fan Electricity Energy’ shows values for the fan coil also during summer. I do not know where is my mistake. How can I turn off fan during winter and force the system to work only during winter?

Thanks in advance.