HB[+] custom project folder syntax?


I recently decided to upgrade the annual daylight analysis part of my project to HB[+] in order first to beneficiate from the accuracy of the gendaymtx but also to be able to run sub-annual illuminance analysis for specific design days and save precious time in my complex optimization process.

However, while using the sample files provided for Honeybee [+], i couldn’t manage to set any custom folder for the results files to be written into. I’m using the 06 example file : daylight coefficient gridbased

i tried several options from complicated directory path to simple ones, located in the original ladybug folder and outside of it, with original syntax of my folders and lower case transformed paths also … but no matter my changes, i always get the same error messages " Failed to create xxxx. Try a different path ! "

Since i’m already using a well automated and working storing/ naming logic for my numerous iterations with the energy modelling part of my project, i would like to understand the working rules for custom directory naming with runRadiance in HB[+] to keep my current naming process if possible or adapt it if needed …

SO :

  • are there some specific naming rules for custom project directory with annual daylight simulations in HB[+] ?
  • is it just a bug from the example file i’m using or my settings ?

i upgraded to HB[+] 0.0.05 and to the latest Radiance too

HB[ ]_06_daylight_coefficient_gridbased.gh (447.2 KB)

thank you for your advices !

@edwinszabo ,
It might just be that you don’t have access to write to that path on your machine. I’m assigning @mostapha to this discussion to get his thoughts.


Thanks for responding me

The strange stuff here is that i already use the same storage logic (which creates new sub-folders at each iteration and store informations and files within them) with the Energy simulation parts of my optimization process. And it has worked pretty well until now, without the same warnings from the Honeybee_Run Energy Simulation component …

@mostapha : any ideas ?