HB Daylight Grid Based Simulation (Surface and Polysurfaces)

Hi all,
So I imported a model from Revit (mostly poly-surfaces) I used , I ran it for image based simulation it worked fine but when running for grid based simulation it gave me error, I tried different approach by creating zone in rhino and running the grid based simulation and it worked but it does not have all the facade details i need to be included with the simulation results.

any thoughts?

I would like to confirm also since coming from using DIVA for a very short time, where i could define solid walls (polymesh) as simulations geometry wall for daylight simulation (grid based), can i use the same method with HB too? cause till now I only can assign surfaces for gridbased daylight simulation. Let me know if there is a way or maybe i’m doing it wrong.

The code that exports the geometry is the same code. Your issue lies in some other mistakes that you have probably made.

You can use surfaces, meshes or polysurfaces with Honeybee. There is no limitation. For large meshes you should use MSH2RAD component instead of using HBSurface component.

Thank you mostapha, I’ll try MSH2RAD, will let you know how it goes.