HB Daylighting Controls

Is there any way to set daylighting controls with the new LBT Honeybee (I am running version 1.2.0)

In the legacy version I know that there was the “set EP Zone Thresholds” which allows you to set a threshold above which electric lights will be dimmed/turned off. Is there an equivalent workflow in the newest version of Honeybee?


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Hi @ebh1448 ,

I wanted to do the same thing and found this thread very helpful: Lighting Control - #5 by mich.dimart

It seems like the best way to incorporate daylighting controls is to write to the IDF file using the “add_str_” input in the ModelToOSM component.

You can find more information here (with IDF examples): Group – Daylighting: Input Output Reference — EnergyPlus 9.4

Hi @t_pnw @ebh1448 Setting daylight control is now possible in lbt latest version. Run the updater and it is there.

Thank you so much for letting me know!!