HB [+] DC grid-based → HB_srfs input of WinGroupState does not work

Hi all,

I am running a HB[+] DC grid-based simulation, because i need to have an annual simulation with two different states for a window (first state = glass, second state = glass + one exterior shading surface). This needs to be run without Daysim, so i need to use HB[+]. This is the file i am using SimpleRoomTest.gh (60.5 KB)

The simulation runs both states, but the results show that the shading surface is not taken into account, i.e. the results are the same for both states. I am looking at the illuminance for a random hour. The shading surface is set to opaque, to make sure i see a difference.

Looking at the “wgroup” folder, i can see that the .rad files are the same for both states. The .rad file for the shaded state does not include the shading surface polygon and material, which may explain the same results.

It might be that the “HB_srfs” input of the “WinGroupState” component does not go through. Can someone confirm this? Or am i missing something?

According to communication with @mostapha, modelling the blinds geometry explicitly is currently not possible, but it will be possible in the next release :slight_smile: