HB Direct sun hours showing only 0/1

I’m trying to calculate direct solar hours inside a house with different shading options but the honeybee direct solar hours shows 0 or 1. However, it shows the windows correctly. What is not working/ is incorrect?
Direct solar hours.gh (189.0 KB)

Series of 0/1 values is the intended outcome of this recipe. For every timestep, each sensor point is either “hit” by a sun beam (value=1) or it is not hit (value=0). This is explained in the “results” output of the component. You can then post-process the results and find the total number of hours that each point receives, for a desired time period.

Thank you for your response @IasonBournas, I used spatial heatmap component to visualise, but cannot find the components (other than in legacy which won’t match) for post processing the results to find number of hours. I can only visualise them now.

You would need to sum up all “1” values for each point to find the total hours for each point. You can get 0/1 values for each point, for each timestep, if you connect the “results” output to a component called “LB Deconstruct Matrix”. Using grasshopper’s “Mass Addition” can add up all “1” values for each point.

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Hi @IasonBournas ,
I tend not to agree with your diagnostic. The SunHours component gives you the total number of hours each grid point receives.
In this instance i entered the GH file but unfortunately the geometry is not internalized, but i noticed that the number of sun vectors is large (~2.5K), which makes me wonder about the purpose of the analysis.


It seems to work now. The purpose is to study direct solar hours with the changing shades in the floor plate. May I ask is large number of solar vectors is a bad sign/ incorrect?
*with internalised geometry Direct solar hours.gh (131.5 KB)

I stand corrected, sorry for this @Anyone, thanks for correcting this @AbrahamYezioro

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When you ask for one hour only is becouse you want to know what happens at the specific hour. When you ask for, say, 5 hours, you probably want to know the solar range, i.e. what areas of the geometry are more/less shaded. Usually you do that for a critical day (winter or summer).
When you ask for a large number of hours i can’t see the question you are asking. What will be your conclusion from the results.
That’s why i wonder. Is not about right or wrong. Technically it is possible … but for what purpose.

Thanks, that explains a lot. It seems redundant as I need only one value for an hour (as you mentioned).
I didn’t consciously increase them in any way but would like to know where it can be changed/ specified?

At the sunpath component you input your HOY. Then you can connect the desired hour(s).
You probably want to check the colibri plugin from TT Toolbox to automate the process.

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Hi again,
Thanks for the input.
Is there a way to find out a schedule for operating shades/ blinds to prevent glare?
I developed the same script further but cannot identify hours to create a schedule.
Direct solar hours and blinds closed.gh (170.2 KB)

I would check the imageless glare analysis.