HB End Use Intensity Component Error: OrderedDict is not defined

I was following along with Ladybug Tools Energy Fundamentals youtube tutorial when I ran into an error with the HB End Use Intensity that I could not find online:

Solution Exception: global name ‘OrderedDict’ is not defined.

I checked, and believe I am fully up to date with the compatibility matrix:

And I am running this on Rhino 6 for Mac.

I was able to get the error to go away by adding this to the python script for the HB EUI component:

import collections
try:    from collections import OrderedDict
except ImportError:    
OrderedDict = dict

However I am not sure if this is a real fix or just hiding the issue, and I would like to know if there is a better way. Thank You.

Grasshopper File:
honeybeetut.gh (73.2 KB)
Rhino File:

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