HB Energy Construction Add To Library

Hello Chris,

In the older versions of HB Energy, there used to be a component to add a custom construction to the library. That feature was very useful. I wonder why it is missing in the current versions and is there any way to add a custom construction to the library in the latest version, 1.3.0.


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That feature still exists but we just implemented it in a much more robust way that doesn’t involve accidentally overwriting constructions that have the same name. All that you have to do is write the Construction object that you want to reuse over and over again to the following folder:


You can use the HB Dump Objects component to write the construction into that folder from Grasshopper.

The next time that you start Rhino/Grasshopper, that construction will appear in your library any you’ll be able to assign it to other Honeybee objects using the construction identifier instead of plugging int he construction object itself.

This post might also be helpful:

Thank you so much, Chris, for your clear explanation. That makes more sense now.

Hi @chris,

I tries this workflow for schedules, but somehow it does not work.

Warning: 1. Solution exception:"_5procent_26" was not found in the schedule library.

After restarting Rhino still it does not find the schedule.

Ok I found the issue. I do not have to put in the name of the HB object but the schedule name.
Now it works. :grinning:


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