HB_Energy PLus_Outdoor Comfort Time Consuming simulation

Hello everyone!
For my thesis project I am developing a study about the Outdoor Comfort for multiple building typologies, studying the outdoor conditions of different urban canyons. I want to point out that I am not very familiar with Ladybug +Honeybee Tools, so i used as a base for my model the file uploaded on Hydra by @chris (Outdoor_Microclimate_Map) and I followed the Youtube tutorials by @chris and @mostapha for the geometry tips. The problem is that, once I run the simulation it usually takes 1 hour or more to reach the end :no_mouth: and I cannot understand the problem since the geometry is very simple. I tried to decrease both “timestep” and “solar distribution” but is still taking too much.

Can someone tell me what can be the problem? Sadly, I am a new user so I cannot upload my model :frowning: but I will put here the link to its Drive Folder:

Thank you in advance,

I suggest to set the breakUpWindow_ input in the HB_glazingCreator to False. The meaning of this is having ~50 windows or having 1920 windows with the True setting.
Such amount of windows is very expensive, simulation time wise.
Beyond that, for your purposes they are not really important since you are taking the outdoor surface temperature for the UTCI calculations.