HB EnergyPlus ZoneCapacitanceMultiplier:ReseachSpecial

Hi All,

We are trying to change the ZoneCapacitanceMultiplier:ResearchSpecial for an energy model to test thermal mass. However, we are not sure how to proceed. We tried a couple of things a failed:

  • How would we add this information to the additionalStrings_ on the HB run energy simulation?

-We can change the values on the idf editor and we can read the results from it, However we are tying to make a parametric model and this manual step is not ideal.


Juan Carlos


You should be able to add a ZoneCapacitanceMultiplier:ResearchSpecial object with additionalStrings_. This example file shows you how to format the strings to add them to the IDF (although the example is adding an evaporative cooling tower instead of your capacitance multiplier):


Jut copy/pasting the text that you add to the IDF with the IDFeditor into a panel will get you most of the way there.

Also, you should know that, if you want to boost the thermal mass of a zone, there is a component for that (Honeybee_Add Internal Mass to Zone):

However, it is not using the ZoneCapacitanceMultiplier:ResearchSpecial object so it may not be exactly what you are looking for.