HB EP Context Trimmed Surfaces


I’m running an E+ simulation and get the below warnings from context shading.

** Severe ** ProcessSurfaceVertices: Suspected non-planar surface:“SHDSRF_0_0_4AB9C9F0-A0DF-4809-ABF8-E5A9DBD58CBD_0”, Max “out of line”=3.35069E-002 at Vertex # 12

** Warning ** ProcessSurfaceVertices: Possible non-planar surface:“SHDSRF_1_0_38519B12-573D-4895-B94A-49E1EB539887_0”, Max “out of line”=8.34897E-003 at Vertex # 8

** Severe ** ProcessSurfaceVertices: Suspected non-planar surface:“SHDSRF_2_0_94217BE3-F6DB-450F-8118-059F7B25CAB3_0”, Max “out of line”=2.17886E-002 at Vertex # 1

** Warning ** DetermineShadowingCombinations: There are 1 surfaces which are receiving surfaces and are non-convex.

If I untrim my context breps the warnings go away, so I was curious if these warnings will affect the results of my simulation?