HB_EPlus Context Surfaces-Issue

Hi guys,

I´m trying run some e+ simulations that account for the benefit of adding louvers.

I used the LB-Shading Designer to create some simple louvers based on solar vectors, unfortunately the HB-EP Context Surfaces is giving an error.

As always, any support would be really appreaciated!,


HB_E+ContextSurfaces_Issue.gh (495 KB)


I would strongly recommend using the Honeybee_EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator component for this case. Using the context surface component will not calculate the surface temperature of the louvers in the energy simulation, which can have a large effect when the blinds are close to a window. Geometry put into the context component is only used to tell whether a given context surface blocks the sun (not surface temperature) and so it is meant more for things such as surrounding buildings and trees.

This said, I looked at your error. It was happening because you were sending null values into the component. I have made sure that the component does not fail in this case in the attached file.


HB_EContextSurfaces_IssueCWM.gh (503 KB)

I see, thanks for the suggestion!

…and the fix

hello @chris
I have the same problem and I want to access this algorithm you’ve sent but I can’t… would you please make it accessible for me? thanks a lot

Unfortunately the attachment links are broken after the translation from the old forum. You can download the files from the original discussion.