HB Geometry areas discrepancy

Hi All,

I’m a new user working on a script to calibrate an Energyplus model against measured data for an apartment. I’m trying to understand my script. I would appreciate it if anybody or Chris could help me explain my confusion here.

I have searched discourse for an answer and cannot find one.

Green section- I created two faces identified as the North Wall and the East Wall by Using HB_Face. I confirmed that the areas stated are correct according to the identified faces.
Pink section- Using the same HB_Face input, the areas shown are in reverse in the HB_Face_By_Attributes.

Is there anywhere I mistakenly fed?

I’m happy to provide a copy of my script if that would help.


Hi @hirda_khalid ,

The HB Faces by Attribute component sorts the groups of faces by their attribute in the output. This makes the output consistent when grouping the Faces that have the same value for the attribute into the same branch of the data tree (the intended primary use case of that component). Obviously, in your case, you have only two items with two different values or area, meaning each group has only one Face.

If you need something that preserves the order of input faces and does not try to group them by the same attribute, you can use the HB Label Faces component to get the attribute.

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