HB_GlazingBasedOnRatio Component

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I was wondering if (if not yet covered in another topic and I missed it) it would be possible to add the inputs on the HB_GlzBasedOnRatio component that will assign the newly generated windows _EPConstruction and/or _RADMaterial properties. It would speed up the process of reconstructing HBZones especially in projects with many glazing surfaces!




A lot of the time, I find that the “Set EP Zone Construction” component satisfies my desire to change window constructions after using the “Glazing Based On Ratio” component:

Are you talking about the case where you are using “Glazing Based On Ratio” component for a single HBSrf and are building a zone with different constructions for different windows?


I just had this issue I think Chris. I actually had to reconstruct the zones after baking the create glz based on ratio component. While this was quite fast due to being a daylighting study and a small model, it is still kind of an insane thing to do (my mind was too tired from the E+ reference guide to find a solution).

If I understand correctly, the problem is not really the EP constructions, as those can be easily added through the workflow you are showing. But, at least to my limitedd knowledge, there is no Radiance input available after the glazing component has done its work. I’m guessing an input, like the one in the Create HB Surfaces component, is what Tassos wants in the ‘based on glz’ component?

(all the above is obviously moot in the case that the attached workflow also takes care zone setup for daylighting studies as well).

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Hi Chris, Theodore,

Thank you both for your reply! I missed the SetEPConstruction component myself but it really does what I was looking for for the E+ workflow. On the other hand being able to assign directly EPConstruction and RAD material properties after the glzBasedOnPercentage component has completed its work would be even more straight forward and less time consuming when you want to perform both calculations. In any case already this workflow you indicated Chris helps a lot!

on a side note, the glzBasedOnPercentage component is fantastic. I have been using it even for for geometries with 1000+ quad nonplanar surfaces and still works perfect!



Tasos and Theodore,

You are definitely correct that we need this capability of assigning constructions/materials on the component to deal with the single HBSrfs case. It would also be helpful if someone wants to assign different window constructions based on cardinal direction, which I know is something that tends to happen a lot when looking for strategies to deal with western facades. Accordingly, I have created an issue here:


I will try to get to it soon and let me know if you agree with the proposed workflow of separating the skylight inputs into their own component.

Tasos, I am glad that the set of components in the previous post works for your situation and, Theodore, there is a component to change the RAD materials of a set of HBObjects in the same way that you change the EP Constructions for a zone:

Tasos, I am glad that you like the component. It was one of the first that contributed to and (as you can see) it is one that still keeps me very busy. Ofc course I should mention that the original idea for the component and the part of the script that deals with non-planar surfaces is all Mostapha’s. His “offset curve on surface” and guess-and-check method to determine the correct glazing ratio is really brilliant.


That’s embarassing :slight_smile:

Sorry I’ve rarely used that workflow and have been a bit rusty lately.