HB Image Based Daylight Simulation


I have bought 1 months subscription of tutorials for Environmental Analysis by Chris Mackey from Performance Network.

I’m onto Daylight / Glare analysis.

I have downloaded current Radiance / Dayism and i have also correctly selected the materials and weather files.

For some reason the simulation fails to generate any output.

Can anyone please help…my tutorial period is about to expire.

Glare Analysis_AB.gh (500.7 KB)

Hi,@Agneesh The geometry in your grasshooper file is missed. Please upload it for further discussion.

Hello Minggang,

Many thanks for your response. Since i’m a new user, iscourse didn’t allow me to upload more than 3 files.

Please find attached geometry.

Kind Regards,

ElectricLightDesignExercise.3dm (1.2 MB)

@Agneesh You file run well on my computer.Here is the result.

Hello Minggang

so why it would not work on my computer? Do you think some issue with version compatibility of radiance and LB? or something similar?


Make sure that your radiance is installed onto c:\radiance

What version of radiance are you using?

Hello Mathiassn,

thanks for the response.

the radiance is indeed in C:\Radiance

i’m using Radiance version 5.0.a.6

Some insight will be very helpful :slight_smile: