HB Load Measure

Hi @chris and/or other developers of the ladybug team,

First of all compliments for the new HB load measure component. This is really fantastic!
Just adding the directory path (step 1) and WHAM! (step 2). I was pleasantly suprised!

Without having to open OpenStudio and applying measures a nice report was generated and put into the reports folder.


The only drawback is that most HB read components are not able to read the outcomes of the simulation anymore.

The reporting measure I downloaded from: https://bcl.nrel.gov/
OpenStudio Results.zip (1.0 MB)

It would also be nice if there could be a similar reporting measure in wich the ladybug charts can be included.

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@Erikbeeren ,

I had no issues trying to run the “OpenStudio Results” measure with a Honeybee model:

Then again, this is a simple Ideal Air Loads model where I’m not requesting a bunch of extra outputs.

Those result-parsing components are probably failing on your machine because there’s some E+ output that’s specific to the model you are running, which the reporting measure is overwriting. If you upload a minimal version of the Honeybee Model that’s needed to recreate the error, I can tell you exactly what is being overwritten and how to avoid it on your end.

Hi @Chris,

I tested the file again. First I requested Hourly values together with the OpenStudio Measure and I got the following error:

  1. Solution exception:Length of values does not match that expected by the header analysis_period. 8760 != 264

Then I did the same simulation with Daily Values and I got this error:

  1. Solution exception:step of 0

Here I send you the grasshopper model for recreating the error. I think you are right with the remark you made:

I guess I have to start to learn writing measures myself. :slight_smile:

LBT_hvac_reportingmeasures.gh (115.9 KB)

@Erikbeeren ,

The custom simulation control that you were using interacted poorly with the outputs that were added by the measure:

Just use the default simulation control with the measure (as seen above) and everything will work.

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