HB LoadObjects cannot read dicts representing 'Constructions'

hello everyone,

In order to integrate a library of constructions in my simulation models with HB, I saw that the component that reads the JSON file cannot read the constructions (even the ones in the standard directory), only materials. Am I doing something wrong?


Hey @rkleitzke ,

It’s likely that your constructions aren’t formatted in a way that they can be parsed with the “Load Objects” component. That is, the material definitions are not contained within the construction definitions and so they are incomplete and can’t be serialized using that JSON file alone. Granted, if you put the constructions into your user standards folders (like it seems you were trying to do there), the constructions should show up in your library by means of the HB Search Constructions component. From there, you can serialize then into full construction objects and optionally dump them into a new JSON file that contains both the materials and constructions.

Just keep in mind that the location of the user standards folder has changed between LBT 1.4 and 1.5. The user standards now live in:


So just move your materials and construction JSONs in there and they should be loaded when you start Rhino/Grasshopper.

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