Hb mass to zones defined wrong

i am tryig to simulate an office building model,i modeled the building as zone and defined them as a brep,when i plug the command 'create hb zones " it define part of the exterior walls as an interior walls ,and it cant see the glazing at all
any help with that ?
i internalised all the data of the model so to be able to view it freely,thanks alot.
i uploaded it on google drive as new users not allowed to upload atachements!

@mayar The version which you are using is so old.It is 0.0.56,2015. The latest version is ladybug 0.0.67 and honeybee 0.0.64. You use update to latest version.

You did not add glazing to HBzone, so you can see it.
And the north zone is curved geometry. It is difficult for generating glazing. You should use polygon instead of it.

great,thanks alot,now managed to define every thing properly except two strange things!
1- only part of the roof is defined as a ceiling although they are in the same level,is that becaus it is partially intersected with a mass above it?
2- part of the ground floor is defined as an underground slabls,and the whole ground floor is defined as a normal floor not ground? i cant understand why?
can you help?office building v01.gh (625.7 KB)

@mayar These are something detailed setting. I suggest you watch @chris’s Honeybee Workshop Youtube Channel.

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